Current state of the project:

  • Most of the initial development was done by Andriy Podanenko, Artem Miroshnik, Alexander Schedrov, Yuriy Gerasimov and Dmytro Danylevskyi. You can see all developers sorted DESC by activity at homepage.

  • Due to a lot of projects, currently processing by cibox, there are a some bugs/improvements registered as issues. Most of them were born from the ongoing projects. Most of them exsist not in the development or administration fields. Very often issues are due to PM, management, QA bottlenecks. And fixing them is not so easy, because cibox is not regular client's project, it is a tool/decision/way of living, that should be used per daily basis. And all the fixes should be done at the moment of creating issue.

  • Currently there are not so many DevOps guys, that are prepared to work with CIBOX and injected as developers to the project teams. That's because of high level of personal responsibility when you are using CIBox as a main tool. There are a lot of challenges that everyone in a team facing by switching to CIBox - like code quality, high level of coding standards, tough manual review skill, need of deep knowledge in variaty of technoligies, starting from server's architecture to nitpicks of programming languages.

We hope that challenge will motivate here, because benefits are huge.