CIBox Logo

CIBox is an open source tool, that allows you to configure CI workflow in few minutes. CIBox created mostly for DevOps and for users who are familiar with technologies.


We are using a lot of technologies inside CIBox. Main tools in CIBox is Ansible. Also we're using Jenkins as a continuous integration server and a lot of other technologies. Just go through source code if you want to know what is under the hood of CIBox.

CIBox parts

CIBox allows you to start new project from scratch. In order to make this process smoother and easier, we can distinguish 3 parts of the CIBox.


Provisioner gives you ability to configure continuous integration server in a few minutes. CI server can generate builds for your project, make deployments, backups and other maintenance tasks.

Vagrant box

Vagrant box gives you ability to work with project locally with the same configuration as your primary(production) environment.

GitHub project builder

GitHub project builder gives you ability to build GitHub project in order to start communication between CI server and source code of your project.

Which problems can solve CIBox?

  • Automate deployments
  • Automate builds
  • Organize local environment for developers
  • Improve QA process for PMs and QAs

What are advantages of CIBox?

  • Clear - Ansible uses a simple syntax (YAML)
  • Fast - Fast to learn and fast to set up
  • Complete - You have everything you need in one complete package

Who we are?

We are team of enthusiasts who are interested in automatization and we're trying to make life easier for Developers, PMs, Team Leads and for whole teams.

If you're interested in such questions, don't stand aside and let's try to improve and make CIBox better together.