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Continuous Integration toolbox

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CIBox (Continuous Integration Box)

Quick Start

Known Issues


RoadMap for CIBOX


PHP/Javascript/SASS Best Practices we are following


Introduction video

DrupalCon Los Angeles session

Kyiv Drupal Cafe session (in Ukrainian)


Don't forget to setup all http://ci_hostname:8080/configure settings with CHANGE_ME... placeholders to be able meet project requirements. Also you should change all CHANGE_ME placeholders for DEMO and PR builders jobs as well.

This repo consists basically from two playbooks

You have to use 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or 14.04 LTS systems for CI server

Common and base apps and packages

cibox-misc role contains all basic packages required for cibox and vagrant installation.

Possible variations

Currently jenkinsbox.yml playbook powered with tags, so you can run only part of it.

Install SOLR only

ansible-playbook jenkinsbox.yml --tags "ansible-jetty-solr"

Install php stack.

ansible-playbook jenkinsbox.yml --tags "php-stack"

Other tags self-explained

run them as

ansible-playbook jenkinsbox.yml --tags "TAGNAME"

OpenVZ support

If your system build on OpenVZ stack and swap is disabled you may bypass it with using file within files/fakeswap directory

for use this script run on remote system console

chmod a+x


sh ./ 4086

for adding 4086MB swap size

Roles not used by default

Within a roles/ subfolder there are roles, been imported from some projects but not used by default